Lisa Mink is one of the most talented people I have worked with in my career. Her greatest asset is the judgment that she brings to individual and organizational issues. She is a calm but assertive presence in even the most difficult situations. She has worked with some of the most accomplished and challenging business leaders in the world, and produced tangible progress and results. I trust and respect her completely.
– Paul McKinnon, Harvard Business School, Former CHRO, Citigroup

Lisa Mink’s keen insight into organizational dynamics and behavior, coupled with her ability to motivate business leaders and managers, places her at the top of anyone’s list. Businesses and organizations that care about winning and retaining the global workforce of the future, would want Lisa as a part of their team for advice, counsel and direction. I was very proud to have her as one of my key advisors as we worked together to champion this important issue

– Alexis Herman, 23rd United States Secretary of Labor
I’ve mentored and been mentored, worked as an executive coach for 20 years and run lots of small (and not so small) enterprises – Lisa Mink is simply the best coach I’ve ever met. She demonstrates the power of listening well and asking the exact right question. More than that, she can coax the truth from the lips of the most entrenched and unreasonable executives. I’ve seen her tame a wild throng of ego driven senior vice presidents. Which begs the question – if she can do this with folks actively hostile and resisting, what can she do for the willing? What can she do for you? Probably more than you think.

– Ani Fox Bochenkov, Founder, CEO, Author, Editor

Lisa combines the right balance of senior-level, global experience with the interpersonal skills to influence and motivate leaders, peers and teams to increase their overall business performance. She is the consummate business professional and leader. She is well-respected among her colleagues and brings insight, judgment and value to all that she does. She is among the best I have worked with in my career and I recommend her highly and without reservation.

– Gilbert F. Casellas, former Chief Diversity Officer, Dell Inc. and former Chairman, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

I had the good fortune of working with Lisa during a significant turning point as a leader. From our first interaction, she was caring, thoughtful and direct. She was instrumental in providing the real-time coaching that I and our team needed to succeed, preparing me to operate at an executive level by pulling me up to her standards. Lisa was a catalyst that led to one of the biggest milestones in my career.

– Carla Sublett, former CMO of IBM, National Instruments, Rackspace

Lisa Mink is not only a talented HR advisor, leader, and coach, she is also known for her very strong communication and interpersonal skills. In a complex, multi-faceted environment, she is able to distinguish between noise and what really matters, using a combination of sound judgement, organizational agility and business acumen. You can rely on her to help you identify and take very actionable steps in support of your success.

– Linda Blackmon, founder and CEO of ExtendMyTeam, LLC

Lisa can sniff out those who want to make a difference from those who have a personal agenda. Her insightfulness is an amazing strength. She is always willing to listen, and remains calm and unflustered in the midst of anxiety and chaos. She is someone with a strong internal compass and an inner strength that resonates with people. Her background and experiences have come together to make a very influential executive.
– Mike Summers, Principal, Avanti HR Group, LLC