1 Day Coaching

1 Day Coaching Sessions

There are times when you need to address something quickly. Or your schedule doesn’t allow for a six-month coaching engagement. I offer an all-day or intensive as my schedule allows. We’ll meet for a day or two 1×1. We’ll spend each day going very deep to explore what’s next for you. And wrap with a plan that you’ll take immediate action on.

What to Expect

We might identify things you’ll intentionally do differently in multiple dimensions of your life. Or you might make a decision about a change. It could be as simple as deciding you’re going to go for it…the elevation and expanded role. Or it could be moving in an entirely new direction. Professionally or personally. Sometimes both.

I regularly do these in several locations. Denver and northern Colorado. Or Carmel, California. Arrangements can be made for me to come to you.
I’ll have you picked up at the Denver or Monterey airport. All your arrangements will be made for accommodation and meals. You’ll have my 1×1 focus for our time together. If you need some movement or fun, we’ll build that in. Good food and a touch of luxury are a given if I’m involved!

Reach out to schedule time to discuss if this is right for you and explore dates for 2024.

1-Day Coaching Process


Step 1: Pre-Session Preparation

  • Comprehensive pre-session questionnaire and assessment tools to gather insights and establish goals.
  • Initial consultation to align expectations, clarify objectives, and customize the agenda for the experience.

Step 2: Intensive Coaching Sessions

  • Full-day or extended coaching sessions designed to dive deep into key leadership areas, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Immersive experiences incorporating experiential exercises, role-plays, and real-time feedback to accelerate growth and transformation.
  • Integration of mindfulness practices, reflective exercises, and strategic planning sessions to foster holistic development.

Step 3: Breaks and Reflection Time

  • Scheduled breaks throughout the day to allow for rest, rejuvenation, and reflection.
  • Structured reflection exercises to process insights, reinforce learning, and set intentions for continued growth.

Step 4: VIP Experience Enhancements

  • Optional add-ons such as gourmet meals, wellness activities, or exclusive amenities to enhance the VIP experience and foster a sense of luxury and pampering.

Step 5: Post-Session Follow-Up

  • Post-session debrief to review key takeaways, action items, and next steps.
  • Provision of ongoing support, resources, and follow-up coaching sessions to ensure sustained momentum and integration of learning.