Philosophies & Beliefs

I believe that everybody has strengths and opportunities. We can’t simply compartmentalize life into professional or personal or things into right and wrong. We have fundamental needs…some sense of safety and security, having a purpose, and being connected to something. We need, to be our best, to be seen, heard, and believed in. For being who we are not in spite of it. 

I’ve seen the evidence, without exception, that if others can see more in each of us than we can see at the time, and help us believe it too, we’ll rise. And we’ll rise even more if those around us truly believe that growth is expected as part of the journey. You can be uncomfortable and messy and learning on the fly and not only live through it but get to the other side when and where you can help others through it too!

These are the foundational beliefs that guide my approach to life and leadership:

  • Having a guide from the side is far more powerful for lasting transformation than a sage from the stage.
  • Growth and comfort rarely co-exist. Being able to understand the difference between discomfort and danger is an important tool.
  • Most people are “sleep-walking” through life. Reacting to whatever comes their way. Going through the day only to push repeat the next. This can work for a long time. Sometimes a lifetime. Always, this leads to living someone else’s dreams and goals. Know what you want. Proactively move towards realizing these true to you.
  • Surrounding yourself with “yes” people can feel easier but it is never as effective for leading through change and complexity. Being curious about differing perspectives can lead to stronger decisions and a healthier culture. And frankly can make you a better human.
  • Remembering spirit or your soul may be the single largest blindspot or the thing you sense you’re missing but can’t put your finger on. Not religion but a sense you are part of something greater than yourself. Finding ways to bring this into your daily life can make a tremendous difference.
  • Sometimes it isn’t you that needs to change to fit in. Sometimes you need to change where you are so it fits you. This could be an organization but it can also be a state of mind.
  • Everyone has strengths and opportunities. Always and all the time. Knowing yourself and knowing this about others can be a helpful compass in navigating.
  • Wanting something to be different doesn’t change anything. Living with intention about what you want and taking steps towards that can change everything.
  • You are more brilliant, capable, and talented than you think you are. Surround yourself with people who believe it and see it. And be that to others.
  • You are unique. One of a kind. Pay attention to what you need. Know what gives you energy and what drains you. Know what excites you and where you feel dread. Knowing yourself sounds like a sound byte. It is an ESSENTIAL requirement to live your best life.
  • Remember that the incessant chatter of your thoughts isn’t real. It’s a by-product of our ego trying to keep us safe. Acknowledging it and being able to manage it is a super power that will serve you. You can do this.
  • Extroverts are over-valued in today’s world of short attention spans. Introverts will always have incredible intelligence to tap into. They observe and process the world differently. Include their perspectives and respect their differences.
  • Sometimes the highest level of leadership is saying no. It is acknowledging all the things that we’ve been taught are soft. Security, comfort, connection, values, family, sleep, health all require us to constantly and consistently respect these needs when prioritizing demands.