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Lisa Mink executive coaching and leadership consulting provide individuals and organizations with the insight, advice and tools they need to lead passionate, highly-effective teams. With more than 20 years of experience in human resources and executive coaching, Lisa has counseled leaders all over the world. From DC, to London, to Bratislava to Amsterdam, Lisa has helped hundreds of people discover what they really want from their careers and equipped them with the tools to make it happen. Through individual coaching, corporate consulting and group retreats, Lisa helps you tackle your leadership goals in the environment that’s ideal for you. Lisa Mink coaching is comprehensive, intuitive and honest. Lisa’s clients receive a complete examination of their strengths and opportunities – and exactly what it is that makes them extraordinary. Finding greatness in individuals creates greatness in organizations. Lisa helps everyone find their perfect place to lead, thrive and transform. With Lisa Mink coaching, you know your worth.

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Empowering Organizations

In order to lead effectively, executives need to understand how to put their talents in the best position to succeed. Lisa Mink’s services help everyone find their best fit. Lisa offers executive coaching, leadership consulting, executive onboarding, new leader assimilation, executive presence coaching, leadership development, talent management, succession planning and organizational workshops. Whether you’ve spent 20 years in the c-suite, or you’re grooming the next generation of leaders, Lisa can help you open up lines of communication, identify hidden talent and improve organizational effectiveness.

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Empowering Leaders

Leaders seeking new challenges and those who want to be more effective at what they already do are ideal candidates for Lisa Mink’s individual executive coaching. Lisa Mink clients receive a full personality and leadership assessment that identifies strengths and opportunities for change, while Lisa’s transformational coaching gives you the tools to make those changes. Lisa will help you develop specific leadership skills and improve your presence and image. If you’re feeling stagnant, Lisa’s assessments and leadership development will revitalize your approach to your current work or identify the ideal environment for making a career transition.

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Virtual Executive Coaching

While Lisa is based in Colorado, she helps leaders all over the world through virtual coaching. Virtual executive coaching clients receive the same level of attention and analysis as Lisa’s clients in Colorado. Whether you’re in New York, San Francisco, Paris, London or anywhere else, Lisa can help you achieve your goals with virtual executive coaching.

Executive Retreats

Lisa hosts group retreats for clients who want highly focused time away from the day-to day where they can work solely on personal and professional development. Each retreat is custom designed for the attendees and Lisa creates a comfortable environment to deeply explore strengths and opportunities to develop as a leader.

Nova Immersions

As a former executive herself, Lisa is passionate about empowering women to be transformational leaders. Hosted by Lisa and another former Fortune 50 executive, Nova Immersions are a highly intimate gathering of successful women who want to accelerate their careers while leading extraordinary lives. We explore confidence, authenticity, executive presence and how best to present yourself in work and life. It’s a safe setting to develop as a leader while having fun, enjoying our personal chef’s exquisite cuisine, and taking time for self-care with yoga and exercise.

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