Leadership Case Studies

Case Studies

The value of executive coaching and leadership consulting can be hard to visualize. You know you want to be a great leader, but how do you make that happen? Lisa Mink has worked with dozens of leaders across the globe to help them improve their management style, organizational function and overall self confidence. These case studies (from Lisa’s real clients) will give you a better understanding of what an executive coach does and how one can help you.

Taking A Late-Career Leap (Or Not)

A highly educated and successful woman with many years of experience decided that her current work just wasn’t fulfilling her like she wanted. She wanted to make a change quickly, so she came to executive coach Lisa Mink for help. Using the strategies Lisa taught her, she discovered that maybe an impulsive change wasn’t the right move.

Going Global with Team Hogan Assessments

A publicly traded company was expanding from a regional, U.S. only model to a global enterprise. Using Team Hogan Assessments I helped them create the strongest possible team for this new endeavor.

Improving Patient Care Through Diversity & Inclusion

A healthcare network that spans several states brought me in to help them improve diversity and inclusion within their organization and, by doing so, provide a higher level of patient care.

From Middle Manager to Executive

An ambitious leader was feeling stuck in a mid-level role and wanted to take on more responsibility. Using 360 interviews and personality analysis, I helped him move into a role that was in line with his ambition.

Finding A New Job By Finding Yourself

A highly successful corporate executive was ready to make a career change, but didn’t know what exactly that looked like. Together, we were able to find the ideal spot for her.

Get Growing or Get Going

A $1+ billion multinational corporation with a new CEO that wants an aggressive global strategy for growth. This new CEO came into the job with major aspirations for what he could accomplish, but he wasn’t sure if his current approach was the correct one, or if he had the team that could realize his vision. In a new position without a clear handle on who he could trust, he realized he couldn’t trust anyone yet. Recognizing that leadership issues combined with a lack of knowledge about all of the players in the room could lead to huge problems down the line, this CEO reached out to me to help him build the team he needed to grow globally.