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I’ve picked up quite a bit about leadership, human resource management, and diversity and inclusion during my time as an HR executive, executive coach and diversity consultant. Every so often, I have time to compile those lessons into quick, digestible blog entries. I try to cover as much as possible, everything from my thoughts on current business news, to team building strategy, to career transition advice to wardrobe and etiquette tips for leaders.
how can women be more assertive

Lead Without Fear: How Can Women Be More Assertive?

On my Facebook page, I have an area where anyone can ask me questions about the leadership challenges that they run into. I put my responses on the blog, because I know that for every person who asks a questions, there are dozens who are thinking it.   This week's question…
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How to be a great mentor

How To Be A Great Mentor

Mentoring is one of the most valuable ways that you can contribute to your organization and grow the career of a younger colleague simultaneously. I’ve been lucky enough to have had several great mentors over the course of my career. These relationships are vital to not only my professional development,…
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leadership vs management

Leadership Vs. Management

The working world is full of managers of every rank and title. You can be a manager even if you’re not terribly great at (or even interested in) managing people. As an executive coach, my goal is to reduce the number of managers in this world and instead create leaders.…
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change management

Change Management Comes From Within

I’ve experienced the challenges of change management, both as a leader at a company undergoing a period of major transition and as an executive coach brought in specifically to help leaders navigate change management within their own organizations. There are numerous change management models and tools (and I’ve seen them…
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Ted Talks

My Favorite Ted Talks On Women 2.0

I don't have a ton of time to watch videos online, but I love Ted Talks. I think it's an excellent platform for getting unique voices and insights out into the world in an engaging way. I'm also impressed with how diverse the voices represented are. Where else will you…
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executive coach expectations

What To Expect When You’re Executive Coaching

For many years now, the field of coaching individual executives and organizations has been growing. Executive coaching is one of those fields that almost sounds made up - the kind of non-specific professional job that they give to sitcom characters. This mystery about what I do is always a source…
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