Executive Coaching for Leaders

Lisa Mink executive coaching for leaders helps passionate people excel in their current roles, find new avenues for their talents and transform into the leaders that they want to be. As your career evolves, Lisa’s personal, compassionate coaching provides you with the support and tools you need to navigate transitions and make those tough choices that we all face.

The Opportunity

The first step in Lisa Mink’s multi-tiered coaching strategy is conducting a comprehensive assessment of your leadership style and skills. Lisa can conduct this assessment in person or through virtual coaching.

Hogan Leadership Forecast Series

The Hogan Leadership Forecast is the number one leadership assessment tool used by global corporations – including 60% of Fortune 100 companies. The Hogan assessment provides deep insight into an individual’s personality traits and how to maximize their potential in a job role – there are no good or bad reports, just useful feedback. Think of it as more thorough Myers-Briggs test. Lisa is certified to analyze and interpret Hogan reports and uses these reports as the foundation of her leadership coaching and consulting.

Lisa's Approach

Once you’ve completed your Hogan Leadership Forecast, it’s time to put that knowledge to work! Lisa’s one-on-one coaching is flexible, open and you focused. The core question at the heart of Lisa’s coaching is, “What do you want to work on?” Whether you want to be a better leader in your current role, have concerns about taking on a new role, are thinking about changing career paths or simply want to project more of an executive air, Lisa provides you with the support, advice and strategy to tackle these challenges with confidence. Together, you and Lisa take what you want to change about yourself or your situation and work as a team to realize that change.

Transformational Coaching

Effective Leadership and Growth

As you advance in your career, you develop new priorities and face new challenges – both internal and external. Lisa Mink executive coaching takes a comprehensive approach to professional development that incorporates proven analytical tools, expert advice and actionable strategies. With Lisa’s help, you’ll improve your efficacy within your job role, relate better with your coworkers and overcome the mental hurdles that challenge every leader.

Career Transition

Moving into a new leadership position is exciting and challenging at the same time. You want to prove yourself and reward the time and money that your organization is investing in your potential. Lisa’s career transition coaching helps you avoid the pitfalls that come with a new environment and equips you actionable strategies to build an effective team quickly and efficiently.

Lead by Example

Presence & Image

Projecting the right image goes a long way in leadership. Lisa’s executive presence and image coaching creates leaders who look, act and speak in a way that inspires confidence and gets your ideas executed. Lisa will work with you to develop your wardrobe, etiquette, and conversational and public speaking skills so that your leadership is never compromised by external factors.

Look Like a Leader


If you know you want to make a career move or improve in a specific area, but don’t have time to engage in long-term coaching, Lisa offers intensive three-day coaching sessions. Over the course of a few days, you and Lisa will engage in a comprehensive workshop that includes your assessments and transformational coaching. By the end of the third day, you’ll have a fully-formed strategy to help you meet your career goals.

Develop a Plan