Lisa Mink Executive Consulting and Coaching for Organizations

Lisa Mink executive coaching and consulting help organizations run more smoothly, communicate better and place leaders in a position to thrive. Through a combination of sophisticated analytical tools and personal insight developed through years of coaching, Lisa Mink creates functional, happy workplaces.

Building Strong Teams

Lisa's Approach

The core question at the heart of Lisa’s coaching is, “What do you want to work on?” Whether you want to be a better leader in your current role, have concerns about taking on a new role, are thinking about changing career paths or simply want to project more of an executive air, Lisa provides you with the support, advice and strategy to tackle these challenges with confidence. Together, you and Lisa take what you want to change about yourself or your situation and work as a team to realize that change.


Before your organization can be optimized, we need to identify its strengths and opportunities for growth. Lisa takes a comprehensive, multi-tiered assessment approach incorporating several different methods of analysis.

Hogan Leadership Forecast Series

The Hogan Leadership Forecast is the number one leadership assessment tool used by global corporations – including 60% of Fortune 100 companies. The Hogan assessment provides deep insight into an individual’s personality traits and how to maximize their potential in a job role – there are no good or bad reports, just useful feedback. Lisa is certified to analyze and interpret Hogan reports and uses these reports as the foundation of her leadership coaching and consulting.

Leadership 360 Interviews

Once each leader has been assessed using the Hogan method, Lisa gleans greater insights into their leadership methods by conducting 360 Interviews with their colleagues and peers. The 360 Interview process gathers confidential feedback on leaders from the people above, below and on the same level as them within the organization. All of these perspectives help identify where leaders succeed and where they need to develop to create a stronger team. Through Lisa Mink 360 Interviews, you’ll gain a greater understanding of how your team functions as a unit and learn innovative ways to create a healthy network of leaders that can readily adapt to future growth.

Feedback and Coaching

Once the assessment and interview process is complete, Lisa Mink provides personal coaching and feedback for the leaders on your team. In both group and one-on-one sessions, Lisa walks you through what changes need to be made and coaches you on how to get them done. The coaching process typically focuses on a single, easily digestible improvement at a time, each building on the last to foster long-term success and improvement.

Creating Effective Leaders

Executive Onboarding

Bringing in a new executive is daunting for any organization. Finding the right person for the job is difficult enough, but you also want to make sure they’re in a position to contribute and thrive within a new environment as quickly as possible. Lisa Mink’s executive onboarding helps new leaders assimilate to a company culture smoothly. By working with both the new hire and his or her peers, Lisa helps your new executive get up to speed and leading effectively without having to deal with growing pains.

Accelerate Acclimation

New Leaders Assimilation

Promoting from within or moving someone to a new division can sometimes be just as challenging as bringing in a brand new hire. When you elevate someone with potential into a new leadership role, there’s a chance they may not be ready. Lisa Mink’s new leader assimilation helps mitigate these potential problems by creating lines of communication and developing effective workflows between new leaders and their teams through coaching and 360 Interviews. Lisa’s new leader assimilation consulting helps you realize a speedy return on the time and money you put into training a new leader.

Lead Your Leaders

Executive Presence

As nice as it would be for leadership to only come from within, people naturally respond to leaders who have the whole package – inside and out. Lisa Mink’s executive presence coaching develops leaders who look, act and speak in a way that inspires confidence and gets their ideas executed. Lisa will work with you to develop your wardrobe, etiquette, and conversational and public speaking skills so that your leadership is never compromised by external factors.

Enhance Your Presence

Corporate Workshops

Lisa Mink leads a variety of leadership, diversity and communication workshops customized to your organization’s needs and goals. Example workshops include leadership training for young female leaders, career development training for millennial workers, and management techniques for new leaders.