Executive Coaching for Women

It’s no secret that women are underrepresented in leadership roles around the world. This fact was clear to me early in my career and remains so today. While female mentors and role models are increasing, business culture in most industries remains very male dominated. One of my chief focuses as an executive coach is helping women understand that it IS a different experience as a woman in leadership. This reality brings its own challenges and opportunities. I help women identify and leverage their own unique strengths while working to eliminate anything standing between them and their career goals.


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Executive Presence for Women Leaders

Executive presence is a loaded term. It can often be used as a vague reference to “something needing to change” for advancement within an organization. Working with an executive coach can bring clarity to what that “something” is!

Executive presence is all about communicating value, which is something most cultures stress more for men than for women. Cultivating an executive presence helps you understand your own one-of-a-kind value and communicate it in the workplace.

An executive coach can help you develop the confidence, poise and leadership skills you need to project the executive presence your organization is looking for.

A Coach In Your Corner

If women leaders are few and far between in your organization, a female executive coach can be the champion and confidante that you need to help navigate your environment. There is tremendous value in having a coach who has been where you are and understands your challenges.

Executive Retreats for Women Leaders

In addition to one-on-one coaching, I also provide unique, luxury retreats for women at Nova Leadership Immersions. I co-host these with my friend and fellow executive coach Kathleen Woodhouse. Nova retreats are intimate, intense workshops with a small group of women. We focus on giving women the tools they need to tell their stories and create their ideal professional world.