October Leadership Links

While I don’t have as much time as I’d like to dig into all of the great resources for leaders that pop up every day, I make a point of staying aware of and involved in the ongoing conversations about leadership, management, diversity and inclusion and the other topics that I work with my clients on daily.

It’s very common for me to turn to books and articles to help supplement my coaching and provide new perspectives for my clients as they pursue their goals. Here are a few recent pieces I’ve read that I think can benefit any leader looking to improve.


Change Management & Listening

Change management has been a huge concern for my clients recently. I wrote down some of my own thoughts on the matter the other day and I feel like this recent piece by Patty Sanchez in the Harvard Business Review also makes some great points. Often, the biggest hinderance to effective change management is a disconnect between leaders and the people they are managing, and listening is necessary to get everyone aligned. (This is a valuable lesson for leaders no matter the situation.)

Leaders Who Get Change Right Know How To Listen

Productivity, Time Management & Organization

This is another hot topic with my clients recently. Leaders are being asked to shoulder heavier loads than ever, which means we’ve got to find ways of working more efficiently and delegating when appropriate. This brief video from Harvard Business Review explains how leaders have been able to cut out eight hours (an entire workday) of offloadable work.

Make Time For Work That Matters

Unconscious Bias

This link isn’t to an article, rather, it’s a link to Harvard’s Project Implicit, which is a tool that helps you measure implicit or unconscious bias in your own thinking. I encourage leaders who are invested in diversity and inclusion to go through these tests and really pay attention to the results. The goal here is not to beat yourself up for having biases, but to recognize them and take steps to change them.

Project Implicit

Coaching Your Team

This piece by Dana Rousmaniere is an interview with Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking and cofounder of Quiet Revolution. It contains great advice for leaders looking to connect with and inspire the introverts on their team.

How Managers Can Help Their Introverts Network