Fireside Chat with Anna Lambert of Shopify at Austin’s Future of Work 2017

On March 9th, I’ll be hosting a fireside chat with Anna Lambert, who is the director of talent acquisition for Shopify as part of Austin’s Future of Work Summit.


I’m super excited to talk with Anna, who is a major advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech. You can read her full bio here:

Anna embodies Shopify’s MO of Getting Shit Done. She joined Shopify as an intern in 2011, and has helped build the company from 150 employees to over 1500 today. Anna is also a passionate ally and advocate for inclusion in tech, and works tirelessly to make Shopify a company that moves the needle in this space. For example, as a way to give back to the community and provide a platform for voices often overlooked, Anna founded Beyond the Code three years ago. This conference is designed to empower individuals to make the tech industry a more inclusive space for everyone.  Anna is also an avid snowboarder, runner, and the co-founder of her own Shopify store, Caged Collective.

For tickets to the summit, visit Eventbrite. I look forward to seeing everyone there!