Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Even the most successful companies in the world have opportunities to unlock new potential by fostering an atmosphere of inclusion. Sometimes, it just takes an outsider to identify new opportunities to grow and foster talent.

Lisa Mink can help. With more than 20 years as an HR consultant and human resources executive at a Fortune 500 company, Lisa provides her clients with expertise and experience. Lisa Mink human resources, diversity and inclusion consulting provides organizations with new strategies for creating an effective, engaged workforce and rejuvenates stagnant corporate cultures. Lisa identifies opportunities for growth and gives you the tools you need to transform your organization.

Human Resource Consulting

To run a business effectively, you must make sure you’re getting the most out of every employee and that everyone is in the best position to succeed. Growing organizations face new challenges when it comes to managing the human side of their business. Leaders must form a diverse group of people with unique talents, experiences and personalities into a cohesive unit—something easier said than done. Lisa Mink’s HR strategy consulting helps your organization develop a comprehensive plan for creating effective, happy workplaces.

Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Equality and diversity in the workplace are not just fundamental to a well-run organization, but they have been proven to lead to new innovations and increased growth. And yet, this crucial advantage is often overlooked or ignored by well-meaning leaders. Lisa Mink’s diversity and inclusion consulting can point out opportunities for better inclusion in your day-to-day operations and develop business environments that foster creativity and commitment from every member o

Diversity & Inclusion Assessment

The first step in creating an empowering, inclusive culture is to assess where your organization is doing well when it comes diversity and inclusion and where there are opportunities for improvement. Often, leadership is unaware that there are any issues at all. Lisa conducts a thorough, sensitive diversity and inclusion assessment to identify the group dynamics at play and discover if any of your employees feel like outsiders in the organization.

Discover Opportunity

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Once the group dynamics of your organization are identified, Lisa works with you to develop a strategy that transforms outsiders in your organization into insiders. When workers feel disconnected from their teams, they lose satisfaction with their jobs. By practicing intentionally inclusive management, leaders can help detached workers feel like they belong and restore their sense of purpose. This can be a long-term process, and once a strategy is in place, Lisa will continue to assist you as a behind-the-scenes strategic partner.

Create a Better Work Environment

Team Discovery

How do your strengths play into the strengths of your team? That’s the question that Team Discovery answers. Team Discovery (aka Hogan for Teams) relies upon the same Hogan methodology that is trusted by Fortune 50 leaders around the world. Through Team Discovery, Lisa will conduct a thorough assessment of your entire team and map the results into a comprehensive report on just how well everyone is working together. From there, Lisa facilitates group discussions to interpret those results and create a more cohesive working group. The better you understand your group dynamic, the better prepared you are to succeed!

More time spent getting your team in shape is more money wasted. Get on the same page today so you can tackle any challenge tomorrow. Talk to Lisa Mink.

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