Getting On Board With MentorTex and Women’s Fund of Central Texas

I’ve been in the executive world for a long time and built relationships with hundreds of amazing people doing all sorts of interesting and noble things. Occasionally, these relationships turn into job offers for coaching and consulting work and even invitations to join boards and leadership bodies. I’m always flattered when I’m considered for a … Continued

When Is The Best Time to Hire An HR Manager?: Guest blog for YFS Mag

I recently have the opportunity to share my thoughts on when growing businesses need to make the leap to hiring a full-time human resources manager with YFS Magazine. I know that letting giving up full control of hiring decisions can be tough for hands-on leaders, but, hopefully, my piece makes them feel a little more … Continued

What “Inclusion” Means In Diversity and Inclusion

The Harvard Business Review recently ran a piece about the deficiencies of diversity policies. I think that particular issue is so dense that it could never be truly explored in the few hundred words allowed in the piece, but it did get me thinking about a related issue. Human resources professionals are well acquainted with … Continued

Are The Kids All Right?

A recent piece that ran in Inc. called “3 Reasons Millennials Are Getting Fired” has caused a bit of a stir in the human resources and professional development crowds that I work in – particularly among millennials themselves. I can’t say that I blame them, as this is the latest in a cottage industry of … Continued